• Fawad Maqbool
    Fawad Maqbool
    President and CEO (Founder) / CTO

    Mr. Maqbool has been in the microwave business for 30 years. He has a B.S.E.E. in microwave engineering and a B.S.E.E in Bio-Medical Engineering fr...

  • Dan Mazziota
    Dan Mazziota
    Technical / Business Advisor

    Mr. Mazziota founded Microwave Power Devices, Inc. in 1967, which he sold in 1981 to M/A-COM, a leading telecommunications and defense electronics ...

  • Louisa Sanfratello
    Louisa Sanfratello
    Chief Financial Officer

    Louisa Sanfratello, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), has been a Certified Public Accountant working in numerous organizations in various indust...

  • John P Pastore
    John P Pastore
    Director of Sales

    Mr. Pastore has been in the microwave industry for 37 years.  He has a B.S. in Business Management and has worked for many of the leaders in t...

  • Ewa Polubiak
    Ewa Polubiak
    Production - Assembly Supervisor

    Ms. Polubiak has over 20 years of assembly and test experience as well as in quality Hi-Rel manufacturing of hybrid micro-circuit technology. She i...

  • Don Sartorius
    Don Sartorius
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Mr. Sartorius has over 30 years of experience in the microelectronics industry. His specialty being  Quality Assurance, he is extremely profic...

  • Shaf Khan
    Shaf Khan
    Production - Senior Assembler/Technician

    Shaf Khan has over 10 years of assembly and test experience and possesses a unique combination of skills that have proven indispensable to AmpliTec...

  • M. Syed
    M. Syed
    Technical Sales / Director of IT

    Mr. Syed is an Electrical Engineer with more than 10 years of business experience, He joined the Company in 2011 and started by assuming the respon...