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Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Posted date: Dec 04, 2019
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Bohemia


  1. Welcoming visitors by greeting them, in person and conducting them to designated areas for meetings, conferences, etc. 
  2. Maintaining a computerized log and hard copy sign-in sheet for all visitors per pre-designed template.
  3. Answering all phone calls and directing them to the proper department/personnel based on their needs while maintain professionalism and courtesy.
  4. Taking complete messages in a professional manner and following up with an email to the intended parties where applicable to avoid calls being ignored or forgotten.
  5. Assist with preparation of presentations, reports, spreadsheets, letters, agendas and schedules.
  6. Interface with high-level internal and external contacts.
  7. Enter new purchase orders. Generate project release folders. Generate shipping documents and assist QA manager with shipment of product.
  8. Assist sales with quoting activity, provide post quote follow-up with customers, and interface with customers with order status and delivery schedules.
  9. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office suite, Word and Excel in particular.
  10. Maintaining computerized Shipping/Receiving logs.
  11. Ordering various supplies (regular office supplies as well as occasional items related to production).
  12. Appearing presentable, professional and courteous at all times, while maintaining and orderly workplace.
  13. Willingness to be a “team player” that contributes to the overall success of the company by occasionally performing tasks not in the immediate job description, such as helping with inventory, management of micro-level parts, printing labels, preparing shipments and related paperwork.
  14. Familiarity with Quickbooks a big PLUS.


  1. High School Diploma and minimum of 5 years related experience.
  2. Strong organizational and communication skills (written and verbal). 
  3. Demonstrate strong attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy.
  4. Possess quality commitment, customer focus, strong interpersonal skills and be adaptable.
  5. Willingness and the ability to work in a team environment by coordinating your efforts with others, or as a team member by doing your part in helping your colleagues achieve a common goal.

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Apply for this job

Micro-Assembler A

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Posted date: Aug 18, 2019
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Bohemia


  1. Strong grasp of ESD issues and precautions to prevent damage to anything in your workplace or others’.
  2. Ability to safely install SMA or similar connectors to housings for testing purposes.
  3. A sure and steady hand while working under a microscope with basic hand tools such as torque wrenches/drivers, screwdrivers and fine tweezers.
  4. Experience with wire and ribbon bonding to micro-sized coils, capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors (GaAs FETs) as well as MMICs.
  5. Proficiency in several types of bonding techniques, including Wedge Bonding, Die Bonding and Ball Bonding. Familiarity with Westbond bonding equipment is a big PLUS.
  6. Ability to perform fabrication of hybrid microcircuits such as gold wire bonding onto small pad sizes which requires special setup and bonding techniques as alluded to earlier.
  7. Familiarity with various types of epoxy, such as common long-term and short-term epoxy for curing as well as sealing.
  8. At least the most basic understanding of the creation of hybrid, substrate-based RF / Microwave amplifier circuits using the chip and wire techniques outlined above.
  9. Experience with kitting components mentioned above (picking and placing from inventory into various carriers and/or trays for different projects), especially FETs and MMICs, is a PLUS.


  1. High School Diploma
  2. Generally good hand and finger dexterity
  3. Minimum 4 years of experience as a “B” assembler or 2 years as an “A” assembler
  4. At least 1 year gathering experience in performing assembly from a print and BOM
  5. Ability to work individually by coordinating your efforts with others OR as a team in which you simply do your part in helping your workmates achieve a common goal.

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