M. Syed (Technical Sales / Director of IT)

Mr. Syed is an Electrical Engineer with more than 10 years of business experience, He joined the Company in 2011 and started by assuming the responsibilities of Technical Sales. He has served most recently as President and CEO of his own company as well as Chief Technical Sales consultant for numerous others in NYC. Mr. Syed has also been in the IT industry for 25 years during which he has performed in all areas of the IT market; namely software development, hardware maintenance, administration, sales and support. He is a Computer Engineer by trade and is a Certified Netware Engineer as well as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Of late, he was President of IT consulting company Comtech Int‘l, Inc. for 8 years before which he was a partner in another IT consulting firm in NYC called Hitec Computers. Before this, he was an application developer for Carco Group, Inc. and performed these and other functions while serving as Assistant MIS Director at MITEQ, Inc. earlier. Mr. Syed has applied his varied experience and the instincts he‘s developed over the years to certain projects such as hosting a live internet radio show, writing technical articles for professional publications as well as maintaining a blog on three different professional websites. Having been at every level of the IT ‘chain‘ and having performed well at each level, Mr. Syed knows all about old and new technologies, what decisions to make regarding IT trends and the experience and know-how to solve any problems that surface during the implementation of such technologies. As such, he has achieved to the position of IT Director.

Other Team Members

    Shaf Khan
    Shaf Khan
    Production - Senior Assembler/Technician


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