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amplitech moonAmpliTech, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures custom and standard state-of-the-art RF components for the International Commercial, SATCOM, Space, and Military markets. These designs cover the frequency range from 50 kHz to 40 GHz - eventually, offering designs up to 100 GHz. AmpliTech also provides consulting services to help with any microwave components or systems design problems. Our steady growth over the past 10+ years has come about because we can provide complex, custom solutions for nearly ANY custom requirements that are presented us. In addition, we have the best assemblers, wirers, and technicians in the industry and can provide contract assembly of customers' own designs.

 AmpliTech, Inc. has a rich history in the design of microwave amplifiers and components, including a wide variety of product lines, from LNA's (Low Noise Amplifiers) and MPA's (Medium Power Amplifiers), to broadband telecom amplifiers for the microwave and fiber optic communications firms.

 As such. we are defined by our expertise in custom designed amplifiers with special requirements such as military screening and space qualification. To provide for customers dealing with extremely low noise figure applications, we have excelled in the ever-growing cryogenic market as well. In short, all our customers agree that we provide simply the best product and services available in the industry while maintaining lower prices than most of our competitors and we do so in the most emergent of technologies on the industry landscape today. Our success is marked not only by our technical achievements, but also by an extremely respectable customer base which includes giants in the industry such as Motorola, ITT, Harris, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, L3 Communications, Aeroflex, NASA, NIST and TRW (to name a few). Due to the achievements of its talented staff, AmpliTech has also received numerous Supplier Quality awards, including a Best Technology Award from one of the industry's leading trade magazines.

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