Low Noise Amplifiers


The APT5-10951275-40K15-D6-WR75-ISOL

is an optimized band LNA which is designed for low Noise Temperature of 40K at +23oC case temperature across the band. The LNA has a superior gain flatness and VSWR across the entire band  and a passband between 10.95 - 12.75.  This high performing LNA is used in different applications as Teleports, Earth Stations, SatCom Terminals, Radio Links, and Astronomy.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Frequency Min (GHz): 10.95 GHz
Frequency Max (GHz): 12.75 GHz
Gain (dB): 50-56 dB Gain Window
Flatness (dB): = ± 0.5 dB Max
Noise Figure (dB): 35K Typ, 40K Max
Input VSWR: 1.20:1 Typ, 1.25:1 Max
Output VSWR: 1.20:1 Typ, 1.5:1 Max
P1dB: +15 dBm Typ, +12dBm Max
Current: 15VDC @ 180 mA Nom
Noise Temp (K): 35K Typ, 40K Max
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