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Coming Soon.... 5G Open-Radio Unit Model A1001-RU-1

The A1001-RU-1 is an Open-Radio Unit (O-RU) for Open Radio Access Networks (O-RAN). It contains three main functions. The first is the Radio Frequency Processing Unit (RFPU) which includes the antennas, high power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, duplexer, and other functions. It also contains highspeed data converters such as analog to digital converters (ADCs) and digital to analog converters (DACs).  The second main function in the O-RU is the Digital Processing Unit (DPU). It supports the eCPRI and IEEE 1914.1 capability. The processing is performed in a field programmable gate array (FPGA). The third main function is the highspeed Ethernet communication. It is the interface to the rest of the O-RAN system and the Open Distribution Unit (O-DU).

Applications: Public or Private Networks. High Speed & Low Latency Networks. Internet of Things Deployments. Small Cell Deployments. Large Scale Urban 5G Deployments. Back Haul

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