• Nov 17, 2020

    AmpliTech Group,Inc. Files 3Q 2020 Results

    AmpliTech Inc. announced filing of their 3Q 2020 results today. The Company is continuing its R&D for new products in addition to boosting its focus on growing sales for its core product line of industry-leading low noise amplifiers.Some highlights appear below:Key Highlights for 3Q 2020:AMPG was profitable with a net income of $17,010 for the 3 months ended September 30, 2020. This shows improvement and a trend back to profitability after loss... Continue reading

    • Nov 05, 2020

    AmpliTech Signs Agreements to Potentially Develop 5G/6G Subsystems

    AmpliTech Group, Inc. announced today that it has signed Non-disclosure agreements with two companies for the purpose of advancing development of next generation 5G/6G subsystems. AmpliTech Group, Inc. announced today that it has signed Non-disclosure agreements with two companies to enter into discussions and share each other’s information for the purpose of advancing development of next generation 5G/6G subsystems for cellular and satellite... Continue reading

    • Oct 19, 2020

    AmpliTech receives order from US Government Subcontractor for its SATCOM parts

    AmpliTech Group, Inc. Receives LNA Order from Leading U.S. Government Subcontractor for its SATCOM, High-Speed Data Earth Stations, and Satellites helping in projected growth. BOHEMIA, NY - October 19, 2020 - AmpliTech Group, Inc. ( a designer, developer, and manufacturer of custom and standard state-of-the-art RF components for Commercial, SATCOM, Space, Defense, and Military markets, is pleased to announce that it has receive... Continue reading

    • Sep 15, 2020

    AmpliTech Shows Significant Progress with R&D for New Products.

    AmpliTech Group, Inc. announced today that its R&D initiative to expand its product line of low noise amplifiers, to include its new 5G and wireless infrastructure products is progressing significantly. AMPG has introduced new products that will be manufactured in their Specialty Microwave subsidiary, which was acquired last year. The combined engineering and manufacturing resources should complement the new product development of subsystems for sat... Continue reading

    • Aug 05, 2020

    Amplitech (AMPG) Reports 2Q Results shows 5G wireless innovation with Growth

    Amplitech continue to develop state of the art 5G and quantum computing technology including Cryogenic Amplifiers and continue to excel in customer satisfaction. BOHEMIA, NY / September 4th, 2020 / AmpliTech Group, Inc. filed its 10Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2020 ("2Q") on Friday, August 14th, 2020 with the following key metrics: Revenue for 2Q was $660,699 up $29,491 or 4.67% from the same quarter in 2019; Revenue in 2Q w... Continue reading

    • Jul 08, 2020

    EverythingRF Interview with AmpliTech CEO Fawad Maqbool

    AmpliTech CEO Fawad Maqbool discusses the history of AmpliTech and plans for the future.

    • May 17, 2020
    • F. Maqbool


    The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world, but AmpliTech has always dealt with adversity by being lean and mean. With firm leadership and keeping our customers’ needs front and center, we are proud to announce that, unlike many of our competitors:  -WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS-WE HAVE RESUMED NORMAL OPERATIONS-WE ARE SERVICING CUSTOMERS ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    • Feb 14, 2020
    • Mick Syed

    AmpliTech Purchases 4K Cryogenic Cooler to Measure its new line of Cryogenic LNAs for Quantum Computing and Astronomy Research

    The Company sees more demand for its cryogenic ultra-low power dissipation amplifiers (as low as 2.5 mW) at 4K physical temperatures in its latest version covering the 4 to 10 GHz BW, while delivering 40 dB of gain. The company has also purchased a 77K cooler for its not so demanding versions that operate at a physical temperature of 77K with a higher power dissipation. AmpliTech is committed to be a proud supporter for the US race for Quantum Supremacy.

    • Feb 06, 2020

    AmpliTech's New and User Friendly Website

    Check our website's new look and features at which will make navigation and searching more intuitive by category while maintaining all of the conversion tools and the comprehensive Amplifier Search engine that have proven so useful to customers in the past. News, New Products, Data Sheets, Outline drawings are all easily accessible and the products will be always changing as we keep developing new ones.